Farm Share


What is a Farm Share?

A Farm Share is a program in which each member purchases a share of our farm at the beginning of our growing season, and then picks up their share of our harvest throughout the the spring, summer, and fall.  The farm share program is critical for our farm, as it provides us working capital at the beginning of the season when it is most needed, without relying on high-interest loans from banks.  In return, we offer you a discount on the freshest, healthiest, and most humanely-raised poultry, pork, and eggs available anywhere.   

New for the 2017 season, our farm share offers complete flexibility to members in what items comprise their share (you select any cuts of chicken, pork, or eggs) and when they pick them up.  

Here's how it works

1) You select one of three levels of farm share membership (quarter, half, full):

2) When you purchase a share you'll receive a share card that functions like a debit card and includes a benefit that is more than the cost that you paid.  For example, if you purchase a half farm share, you will pay $599.  In return you will receive a farm share card worth $649 of our farm products.   

3) Your farm share card can be used to purchase any of our items (any cuts of chicken or pork or eggs) from May through November at any farmers market that we attend or our farm store.   You are also able to use your card to browse, order, and pay for our products through our online store, where you can choose to pick up your order at market or have them delivered to your home (if within our current delivery area).  


Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What are some of the reasons that customers purchase a farm share?

  • You know the person who raises your food.  We are committed to being fully transparent about all of our farming practices.   We happily answer any questions that you have about how we raise our animals - just drop by and say hello at market or send us an email!  Farm share members will also be kept up-to-date about when we'll be hosting farm tours, which are your chance to visit the farm and see the animals and all of our facilities.
  • Cost.  Farm share members receive significant discounts over our regular retail prices.  
  • Convenience.  Our farm share is completely flexible - YOU choose what products you'd like to include in your share, and pick them up whenever and wherever it's most convenient.  Pressed for time?  You can use your farm share card to order and pay for items online and we'll have them packed and waiting for them at the location and date that you choose.    
  • You will cook more!  We regularly hear from customers that the quality and flavor of our products inspire them to cook fresh meals more often and experiment more in the kitchen.  Farm share members will be automatically subscribed to our blog where you will receive recipes and cooking ideas.  
  • You will cook healthier!  Our products are significantly healthier than what you can find in the grocery store.  Pasture-raised meat and eggs contain less cholesterol, less saturated fat, more omega-3, and higher levels of essential vitamins and nutrients than their non-pastured counterparts.
  • You will be directly supporting Massachusetts agriculture.  Farms provide immeasurable benefits to the citizens of the Commonwealth including preserving open space, increasing food security, and contributing to local economies.   

2) Do I need to be a farm share member to purchase your products?

Nope!  If you're not interested in becoming a farm share member you can still purchase our products at regular retail price.  We accept credit cards, paypal, cash or checks.

    3) What about Thanksgiving turkeys?  

    A turkey is no longer included in your share.  Share members will, however, receive first dibs on reserving a holiday turkey.  You can use your membership card to reserve and purchase a turkey.  Keep this in mind when selecting your share level.  A turkey typically runs about $90-$100.

    4) What size share should I purchase?

    We would recommend a quarter share for a family of 1-2, a half share for 3-4, and a full share for 5+ people.  

    5) How do I use my farm share card to purchase online?

    Browse and add items to your cart through our online store.  At checkout, you'll see a space labeled "Farm Share Card".  Just enter your card number and your farm share card will be debited once your order is packed.  

    6) How will I pick up my card? 

    When you purchase online we will mail your farm share card to the shipping address you enter at checkout.  Cards will arrive before May 1st.  Farm shares will also be available for purchase in-person at markets and farm store beginning in May. 

    7) Are there any limitations on what I can purchase with my farm share card?

    The only products that are not eligible for purchase with a farm share card are our fall bulk order packages, as they are already discounted.  Otherwise it's up to you!

    8)  How can I track my farm share balance?

    You can track your balance if you create an account online.  Alternatively we can check your balance for you in-person at a farmers market or our farm store.  

    9) What happens if I lose my card?

    Don't worry!  We can track your card balance and re-issue a card if necessary. 

    10) Is the card re-loadable?

    No.  We sell a limited number of shares so make sure you purchase a farm share membership as soon as possible at a level that will keep you loaded up through fall!  Shares typically sell out by early summer.

    11) Does the membership expire?

    Yes, your card will expire on 11/31/2017.