Farm Share

 What is a Farm Share?

A Farm Share is a program in which each member purchases a share of our farm at the beginning of our growing season, and then receives their share of our harvest throughout the the spring, summer, and fall.  The farm share program is critical for our farm, as it provides us working capital at the beginning of the season when it is most needed, without relying on high-interest loans from banks.  In return, we offer you a discount on the freshest, healthiest, and most humanely-raised meat and eggs available anywhere.  

Our farm share offers complete flexibility to members in what items comprise their share (you select any cuts of meats or eggs) and when they receive their items.  

Here's how it works

1) You select one of three levels of farm share membership (quarter, half, full):

2) When you purchase a share you'll receive a share card that functions like a debit card and includes a benefit that is more than the cost that you paid.  For example, if you purchase a half farm share, you will pay $925.  In return you will receive a farm share card worth $1000 of our farm products.   

3) Your farm share card can be used to purchase any of our items from May 1st through November 30th using our a la carte online home delivery service, at any farmers market that we attend or at our farm store.

Have additional questions regarding our farm share?  Please see our Farm Share FAQ Page!