Why consider shopping with Copicut Farms?

  • Purchasing our meats means voting with your dollars to ensure animals are being raised using the most sustainable and humane practices possible

All of our animals are raised outdoors and on pasture.  Pasture-raising of livestock ensures that animals can move freely, forage naturally, and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  All of our poultry are processed right on our farm, and our pigs, sheep and beef are processed in a humane-certified USDA-licensed facility 10 minutes from our front gate.

  • Our meats are healthier and more nutritious than those produced from conventionally-raised animals

All of our animals have constant access to our chemical-free pastures where they are free to forage for grass, legumes, and insects throughout all but the harshest winter months.  This diverse diet results in meats that contain less cholesterol, less saturated fat, more omega-3, and higher levels of essential vitamins and nutrients than their non-pastured counterparts.

  • When you shop with us, you'll truly be buying local

We only sell our products within 75 miles of where our animals are raised, processed, and packaged, as opposed to shopping in the grocery store or from other home delivery services that distribute meats trucked in hundreds of miles from other states.  In addition to keeping dollars within the local economy, by supporting local farms you'll be doing your part to help create jobs, preserve open space, and maintain natural ecosystems within your community. 

  • We have your convenience in mind

Chances are you'll be able to find us at a farmers market in your neighborhood where we'll have all of our products available for sale.  Shopping for local pasture-raised meats is even more simple using our online store; just browse and select the products you like and we’ll deliver them right to your door.  Want even more convenience? Consider signing up for a subscription to have a rotating array of meats delivered to you on a regular basis without having to lift a finger.  Even better there is no need for you to be home to accept any delivery from us - we package your items to ensure that they’ll be safe for up to 8 hours before needing to be unpacked into your freezer.