Farm Share FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) When are farm share memberships available for purchase?

  • Farm share memberships are available for purchase on a first-come first-serve basis from mid-February through early May or until sold out.   

2) What are some of the reasons that customers purchase a farm share?

  • You know the person who grows the food that you feed your family.  There is no middleman. We're always more than willing to answer your questions in regards to our farming practices.  Send us an email, visit us at market, or attend one of our farm tours to learn about the day to day operation of the farm!
  • You'll be voting for the food production practices that you believe in.  The most powerful way a consumer can influence the way that their food is raised is to vote with their dollars by purchasing food from farmers who engage in food production practices that they support and value.   
  • You'll be directly supporting Massachusetts farms and all the benefits they provide.  Aside from the wonderful, healthy food think of the conserved open space, the natural resource biodiversity that farms maintain, and the 28,000 workers in the Commonwealth that are employed by farms.
  • You'll be supporting your local economy.  Last year Massachusetts farms produced $492 million dollars of agricultural products!  Each dollar that you spend at a local, independent business returns three times more money to your local economy than a dollar spent at a chain store.    
  • You will eat healthier!  The care that small farmers put into growing and raising their products means that the food they distribute is more nutritious than anything you can find in the grocery store.
  • You will cook more!  An abundance of fresh, tasty raw ingredients filling your kitchen means that it will be impossible to resist experimenting with new recipes and making meals from scratch at home.  

3) Do I need to be a farm share member to purchase your products?

Nope!  If you're not interested in becoming a farm share member you can still purchase our products at regular retail price.  We accept credit cards, cash or checks.

    4) What about Thanksgiving turkeys?  

    Share members will receive first dibs on reserving a holiday turkey.  You can use your membership card to reserve and purchase a turkey.  Keep this in mind when selecting your share level.  A turkey typically runs about $150-$200.

    5) What size share should I purchase?

    We would recommend a quarter share for a family of 1-2, a half share for a family of 3-4, and a full share for 5+ people.  

    6) How do I use my farm share card to purchase online?

    Browse and add items to your cart through our online store a la carte page.  At checkout, you'll see a space labeled "Farm Share #".  Just enter your 16-digit card number and your farm share card will be debited once your order is packed. Please note that we deliver orders over $149 for free.  Otherwise a  $14.95 delivery fee will be added to your order.

    7) How will I pick up my card? 

    When you purchase online we will mail your farm share card to the shipping address you enter at checkout.  Cards will arrive before May 1st.  

    8) Are there any limitations on what I can purchase with my farm share card?

    The only products that are not eligible for purchase with a farm share card are our bulk packages or our subscription boxes, as they are already discounted.  Otherwise it's up to you!

    9)  How can I track my farm share balance?

    You will receive a digital copy of your card via email when your farm share card is issued.  Please save this email - you can click on the farm share card link in this email at any time during the season to check your balance.  You can also check your farm share by asking any of our sales associates at a farmers market or by emailing us at 

    10) What happens if I lose my card?

    Don't worry!  We can track your card balance and re-issue a card if necessary. 

    11) Is the card re-loadable?

    No.  We sell a limited number of shares so make sure you purchase a farm share membership as soon as possible at a level that will keep you loaded up through fall!  Shares typically sell out by early summer.

    12) Does the membership expire?

          Yes, your card will expire on 11/30/2024.