Farm Share 2016

Farm Share Member Benefits

A Copicut Farm Share membership benefits you and your family by guaranteeing convenient access to some of the most delicious, nutritious, and humanely-raised poultry, pork and eggs available anywhere. Farm Share members receive a discount on all of the products included in their share, in addition to special pricing on our fall bulk order program and are guaranteed one of our popular Thanksgiving turkeys. As part of their share, all farm share members will receive a Copicut Farms reusable bag to transport your products from market. Farm Share members will receive satisfaction in knowing that they are directly supporting sustainable agriculture in Massachusetts.

Farm Share Members are a vital part of Copicut Farms:

Support received from Farm Share members provide our farm working capital at the time of year when it is most needed. Farm Share contributions are directly used to fund projects that enhance our farming operation and improve our ability to meet customer demand for our products. For 2016, these funds will be used as part of a major renovation of our cold storage facilities, as well as the addition of a loading dock adjacent to our current sales building. This project will expand our production capacity, improve food safety, and increase our ability to deliver a consistent supply of all of our poultry and pork products to our customers in an efficient manner. Perhaps a more exciting use of our 2016 Farm Share contributions (at least for the canine lovers among us), is that addition of working dogs to our farm crew. Once trained, these little critters will enable us to make a substantial leap in our livestock management. The addition of formal working dogs will allow us to expand the use of our pastures, and will improve the quality of life for our animals by providing increased protection from hungry, nighttime predators. We are anticipating many cute puppy/chicken interactions during training this spring – stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram for the photos.

The Nitty-Gritty:

Once you have decided to support our farm by becoming a member, it’s easy to purchase a farm share by completing the form below and paying by credit card or PayPal directly through this website. Alternatively, a Farm Share can be purchased by visiting us at any of the local farmers markets that we attend or at our Farm Store in Dartmouth. We offer two different poultry share options (see below). In addition, this year we are offering a pork add-on share (also below) with the purchase of either a half or full poultry share. Once you purchase your share, you’ll receive an order confirmation from us via email. Farm Share cards and insulated bags can be picked up beginning on May 10th at any of the Farmers Markets we attend, or beginning on June 4th at our Farm Store in Dartmouth. Please be prepared to provide your name and email address that you used at signup when you come to pick up your cards. Once you have your card, you get to decide how much of your share to pick up, when, and where according to your schedule and needs. Just present your card at the farm store in Dartmouth or at any farmers' market we attend and walk away with your desired cuts and eggs. It's that simple!