Winter Update from the Farm

by 2 January 08, 2016

Now that the fun and excitement of the holidays is subsiding and the colder weather is upon us, we are settling in for some serious winter-time relaxing. For farmers, there are few things more satisfying than coming in after our daily chores and enjoying a hearty meal. With our less hectic schedules, we’ve had time to try a few slow cooking recipes that are perfect for banishing the chill from the house. In the coming days we'll be putting up some of the culinary successes we've been enjoying! In addition to relaxing, winter is a time for planning for the upcoming season. We do our best farm planning over a cup of coffee to help fuel our brainstorming. Recently, with coffee in hand, we've been thinking about our 2016 Farm Share Project. As many of you know, each year we designate a project to which the Member’s fees contribute. For 2016 we will be undertaking two projects; one will be the complete revamping of our freezers and refrigerators, as well as a redesign of our loading dock area. Ok ok, we understand this may not sound as interesting as building a new slaughterhouse or jumping headlong into pig farming, but these renovations will make it easier for us to store, organize, and rotate our products, and will make loading the trucks for farmers’ markets significantly less taxing. ​Our second, more exciting undertaking (at least for the dog lovers among us), is that we will be adding a livestock dog to the farm family. Once trained, this little critter will enable us to make a substantial leap in our livestock management. ​The addition of a formal working dog will allow us to expand the use of our pastures, and will improve the poultry housing by allowing us to better protect the birds from hungry, night-time predators. We are anticipating many cute puppy/chicken interactions during training this spring. We are enjoying a cozy, quiet winter and hope you are too. Our market schedule is reduced for the season but please check our website for market dates and locations. We are looking forward to attending two winter markets this Saturday; Cambridge Winter Market and Lexington Winter Markets, held at Lexington Community Farm. We hope to see many of our perennial customers and maybe a few new ones as well. For those who have been inquiring, we are also currently finalizing the details for the 2016 Farm Share and will be posting them to our website next month. 2015 Farm Share Members will get the chance to enroll early and can expect an email the first week of February. Spring will be here before you know it. For now stay warm and enjoy your coffee!



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