Spring Projects Update!

by 2 March 29, 2016

Happy Spring ! We are seeing signs of spring all over the farm.  Buds are popping on the trees, the garlic scapes are peeking through the straw in our garden, and the brooder is a buzz with chicks!  In the fields, we've enjoyed getting an early start on our Spring Farm Share projects. Our new concrete dock is in and we are installing the larger freezer and the refrigerator this week. This increase in freezer space will enable us to store all our meat on-site making it easier for us to monitor and rotate products and translate into a more consistent supply of our most popular cuts at markets. Not to imply that freezer panels and cement aren’t exciting (they are to us) but many of you have been asking about our other spring project: Lucy!  She's here and we have been delighted with her progress already.  Lucy is a 12 weeks old Working Australian Shepard.  Although she is still very young, she's been tagging along on our daily chores.  Her first meeting with the laying hens and piglets went very well. At the 6 month mark she will begin her formal training with Emmett's flock of Runner Ducks as her training herd. Let's hope they live up to their name! Thanks to the mild winter, construction is complete on our larger broiler coops 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The larger coops will allow the birds more indoor space at night and also allow them to roam further into the pasture during the day. This is where we plan to utilize Lucy once her training is complete. Ultimately Lucy will round up the chickens and turkeys at the end of each day and drive them into the coops where we can ensure them a cozy and warm night’s sleep.  This system will be safer for the birds, fun for Lucy, and provide a little extra exercise for the chickens. A win-win all around!! We are feeling particularly positive about the upcoming season, all these new upgrades will make for a fun and productive year.  We cannot thank our Farm Share Members enough.  Their kind support so early in the spring is what makes all of this possible. Here’s to a 2016 season full of hard work, laughter, and delicious food! A quick note to 2015 Share Members:  If you have not already done so, please visit our Farm Share webpage (www.copicutfarms.com/farm-share) to reserve your spot as a 2016 Share Member.  Any shares not yet reserved by April 4th will be made available to the public.



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