Market Season

by Copicut Staff May 24, 2017

The start of a new season does not happen on a single day for us. Instead there are several firsts as we get started in the spring: our first delivery of baby chicks, our first full load of eggs, embarking on our new farm share project. But one of the most significant firsts for both Vince and I, as well as our staff is the beginning of market season. There is a lot of preparation needed to get everything and everyone ready for that first week of farmers’ markets, but it is something we all anticipate and enjoy.

One of the best things about farming is that nothing stays the same day to day. (Full disclosure: This is also one of the most stressful things about farming). This is especially true with farmers’ markets. Although we have attended many of the same markets for the past several years, things vary from week to week and from year to year. One aspect that stays the same is our connection to our customers. We look forward to seeing our regular customers at markets and meeting new people each season. The nature of our product means there is a lot of interaction between us and those shopping with us. We enjoy introducing people to new recipes and ways to utilize the whole animal, as well as sharing our farming practices so that everyone can understand where their food comes from.

Another thing remaining the same this year is our staff. For the first time our entire staff; both farm and market, has returned for another season. We are extremely grateful to have everyone back and they are excited to get started. Farm help is not something you can take for granted and we have been very pleased and surprised with the quality of our staff. Millennials often get a bad rap but we have nothing but good things to say about our 20-somethings. It can be a bit intimidating to work a market stall when you’ve not grown up with the experience so we take a lot of effort to make sure everyone is comfortable and competent.

All four come to us from varied backgrounds, experiences, and interests. For Matt, Copicut Farms is his first full-time agricultural employment but he has had an interest in agriculture all his life. So far this spring he has been helping Vince on the farm but now that market season is here he will be attending Lexington, Winchester, and Davis Square markets. Staffing the markets combines his interest in agriculture with his enthusiasm for educating the public about humane livestock practices.

Gretchen is very interested in sustainability and healthy eating habits and sharing her interests with others. She is definitely the most excited about our community garden and one of the primary reasons we chose to expand it this year. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to help our staff explore their passions. She will be attending Central, Copley Square, and Brookline markets and enjoys talking to customers about how to include our meat as part of a well-rounded, local diet.

Emily is our only staff member raised in agriculture; both her father and grandfather were active in the ag community. From this experience, she has an extensive knowledge of livestock and has been a tremendous help on the farm caring for the animals. In addition to attending Dartmouth Market, she is currently working to get own hay and shavings business started.

This year along with Emily, Gretchen, and Matt, Emma is joining our market staff. This is her first summer on the East Coast as she originally hails from Arizona. She is looking forward to learning about livestock farming in this region and is interested in seeing how markets here differ from those out west when she staffs our newest market in Milton. She has experience with both cattle and sheep and she’ll be front and center when we expand our farm to include a flock of sheep later this spring.

Stay tuned!!!

Copicut Staff
Copicut Staff


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