Whole or Half Pig (Deposit)

We offer whole ($5.99/lb hanging weight) or half ($6.49/lb hanging weight) pigs.  Smoking costs (i.e for bacon, hams, etc.) are extra and typically cost approximately $90 per whole pig.  Our pigs typically dress to a hanging weight of 145-185 lbs.  You will receive approximately 60-70% of the pig hanging weight back in cuts depending on what cuts you choose  (i.e. boneless vs bone-in roasts, if you keep the heart, liver, etc).  Whole or half pigs will be available for pickup from September through October.   A $150 deposit is required at the time of reserving your whole or half pig, with the balance due at the time your order is picked up.  Whole and half pig orders can be picked up at our farm store, any farmers market that we attend, or we can home deliver it to you for free if you are in our current home delivery area.   

If you are interested in purchasing a whole or half pig, please call the farm directly at: 508 205 9304. 


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